Right now, there are at-risk families right in our local area. In many ways, they are just like your family. Parents who want their children to be safe. Parents who desire to have a home that is stable and loving. Children want to come home from school knowing that things will be okay when they get there. However, many of these families are facing such hard circumstances that their children are in the custody of the State.


These families need time, resources, and help with their kids while they work toward making the changes that are needed for their children to return home. We can meet these needs in our area by providing families who will foster children within their own counties and school districts.


Clover Hill has been given the opportunity by Chesterfield’s Department of Social Services to launch a program creating our very own Foster Network to provide care and support to those who are involved in this initiative. The Network is set up to help foster families succeed.


There are three ways you can be involved in our Foster Network:


  1. Be a foster family
  2. Be a respite family that acts as aunts and uncles to these children
  3. Be a support mentor which helps with the various needs of foster families.
  4. With your help, the Clover Hill Foster Network can be part of the solution. The families right here in our church can make a difference!


In 1985, an assistant pastor named Wayne Tesch and his wife, Diane, saw a need to provide hope to local foster children in Costa Mesa, California. They created a week-long summer camp held in the mountains, the “cathedral of the outdoors,” in order to create moments that matter for foster children ages 6-12. After the first five years of hosting camps through their church, the Tesches realized the need was in every county in the U.S.


They also realized it was possible to launch RFKC as a countrywide organization. So in 1990, Wayne left his position at the church to become CEO of the new charity. Diane joined him and brought her organizational skills and experience in franchising from the for-profit world, and together, they launched Royal Family Kids’ Camp, Inc. In 2008, the organization expanded to include a school year Mentoring Club opportunity and changed its name to Royal Family KIDS®.


In 2015 Royal Family KIDS served over 7,700 children in 209 camps in 40 states and 4 international countries. 100,000+ children have attended the camps since 1985. And in the Mentoring Clubs had 42 Clubs with 691 Club KIDS, 1258 Staff & Mentors.


Clover Hill Camp #360:  Clover Hill has an opportunity to host and sponsor a Royal Family Kids Camp this Summer. Get involved by giving towards the camp or completing the application to become a volunteer. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families and kids from hard places in our area.


2018 DATES: August 13 – 18 


 If you’d like to be considered as a volunteer, look for application later this year.


Clover Hill has partnered with The Forgotten Initiative to help mobilize and equip believers to serve, mentor and support the foster care community. The Forgotten Initiative serves to help you tangibly show the love of Jesus to the one who feels forgotten.

Foster Care/Adoption Support Group

The Foster Care/Adoption support group meets at our Bailey Bridge Campus once a month. You do not have to attend Clover Hill to be a part of this group.

First Response

When families receive a placement, needs for clothes, furniture and other supplies are sent to our network through the Department of Social Services. Email Emerald Soldan at ESoldan@cloverhill.church  to be a part of this team.

Events for the Foster Community and DSS

December Christmas Party: If you would like to serve at this event, let us know. Groups are encouraged to collect gifts and donate to the event. Appreciation Month: Be a part of blessing social services through various projects.

Email Angie Grant at AGrant@cloverhill.church or Emerald Soldan at ESoldan@cloverhill.church to get involved in projects like these.