February 2 - April 5

Free Market Groups

We have free-market model for small groups, which is what differentiates our groups from your supper club. 

We are empowering you to do something you love to do. That’s why we say leading is easy when you take the approach of,

“your life is your group”. Leaders form groups based on sports, fitness, cooking, outreach, or studies. 

Free to Lead

Have you been wanting to lead a group? Let us know! We want to empower you to lead.

Fill out the new leader application. If you are already a group leader, re - register your group for the new season.

Free to Grow

On Sundays, we gather in rows, but during the week, we do life in circles.

We truly believe we are better together. Joining a small group is essential to growing and moving along in your spiritual journey. 

It's the best way to get connected to a community of believers that encourage you throughout the week!

When Can I Join a Group?

Our next season of groups starts on September 8.

An online directory will be available on August 26th to browse the remaining open groups by day 

of the week, type of group, interests, time of day, etc.